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"Taro Milk Tea" for Solo Cello

Programme Note:

For this piece, the performer should take the first several minutes before performing to drink tea with tapioca pearls (Bubble Tea, preferably Taro Milk Tea) in front of the audience. While drinking the tea, they should describe the taste and sensations of the tea to the audience in vivid detail.

While the cellist performs the work, they should attempt to relate the sensation of drinking the tea to the experience of performing the work. Every bow motion should be as fluid as the tea, every timbre as richly flavored, every pizzicato texture as chewy.

Performance History:

inštitut .abeceda

Date: 23 June 2022

  • Location:

  • Performer: Cellist Urban Megušar

The New York Youth Symphony

Date: 23 June 2022

  • Location: Roberto's Winds

  • Performer: Cellist Andrew Yee

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