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String Quartet I: Movement II: "Molten Blood"

Programme Note:

The blue oil of an angel’s blood, studded with pink starbursts and golden ichor.

Playful tongues of distilled geysers. Seaside waves of molten rock.

Færie children, laughing and crying and dancing and circling,


Endless cycles, a coven of molten blood.

Performance History:

inštitut .abeceda

Date: 23 June 2022

  • Location: Bled, Slovenia

  • Performers: Violinists Martin Krpan and Matija Udovič, Violist Domen Kužnar, Cellist Urban Megušar

  • .abeceda [new music ensemble]

  • .abeceda New Music Festival

  • (festival sodobne glasbe .abeceda)

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