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"Early Loves" for Violin + Piano

Programme Note:

Inspired by my own experiences with love from age 12 to age 22, “Early Loves” for Piano and Violin reimagines the emotional transformation of a child’s relationship with romance from youth into adulthood. From furtive and curious glances during woodland hikes, to the nervous delight of kisses in the winter snow, “Early Loves” reimagines how my relationship with love has matured with memories from my own development.


The main melodic theme originates from the slur for gay men—the word

“F – A – G”—rendered into musical notes. In this way, I hope to neutralize the slur from a term of fear and shame into an emblem of pride and placid acceptance. By transforming shame into joy, love has a beautiful way of making you grow as a person.

Performance History:

Hidden Valley Music

Date: 22 July 2022

  • Location: Carmel Valley, California

  • Performers: Violinist Tien-Hsin Cindy Wu and Pianist Drew Petersen

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